A Plethora of Limericks

By: Luke Borman

Kayne Never

There once was a girl named Megan

Who was always doing some beggin’

She begged for some water

Like a baby sea otter

But all she got was some beddin’

100 Bad Men (Un Monumento)

Melanie Iglesias and I are attuned

We were both born on the eighteenth of June

A most wonderful day

To frolic and play

And have fun late into the afternoon

Hubris of the King

Writing limericks requires no skill

Less skill than to pay a small bill

But they’re really quite great

Like a low-interest rate

That keeps those investment loans trill

Unfinished Business

Red Pandas are here to stay

From the family Ailuridae

They’re super-duper cute

And relatively mute

But that red panda is clearly my bae

Culturally, Historically, or Aesthetically Significant

Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor

But he has never been on The X-Factor

He was in The Departed

And is highly regarded

As hotter than a nuclear reactor

Dead Men Don’t Laugh (A Life’s Work)

I once met a man from Nantucket

He drank cider by the bucket

He drank a bit much

Created a fuss

And ate a whole box of McNuggets

Limerick No. 16

Abe Lincoln wore a big hat

Abe Lincoln had no big cat

Abe Lincoln was tall

Abe Lincoln could ball

And Abe Lincoln was mean with a gat


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