You Never See It Coming

By: Anonymous

“You never see it coming, you just get to see it go.”

A simple sentence,

a sentence that defines my whole life.

An all or nothing person,

My highs have been perfection,

And my lows, my worst nightmares.

With each peaking moment I have never recalled the in between

However, these are the most vital.

I’ve learned that it’s the simple things,

The shared laughter that begins a friendship,

The kindness in small favors,

The consistent gestures that change your bad week to a good day,

The growing fear of having something to lose,

The first signs of sunshine, or even rain.

These things don’t usually last forever.

I can’t tell you how things happened the way they did,

And I don’t have an answer for how it might end,

But I know these are the things to cherish while I can.

These are the things that make me the lucky person I am today.

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