To Do Before Graduation

By: Anonymous 

15 things you should have before graduation:

  1. Had your heart broken at least once
  2. Motivation to pursue your own life and dreams
  3. At least one genuine friend that is practically family
  4. A taste of what having a job and career is like
  5. A perfect outfit for the worst days
  6. Memories of nights you stayed out past curfew, snuck out, got grounded
  7. Expectations of what your future life will be like
  8. A good, respectable relationship with your parents (They’re paying for your tuition)
  9. At least one minimum wage job you wasted weekends at
  10. That one kid that informs you of every scandal going on in the school
  11. Some form of money-management that doesn’t include just shopping & food money
  12. The courage to take control of your future
  13. A path that will get you there
  14. A sense of your own opinions, and the assertiveness to voice it.
  15. The best years of your life.

15 things you should know before graduation:

  1. Time goes by fast. Embrace everything – even the bad parts
  2. Your worth. and don’t ever settle for less than that
  3. That your parents aren’t trying to ruin your life; your rebelling is ruining theirs.
  4. How to be independent, you learn a lot about yourself when you’re alone.
  5. To surround yourself with people who make you a better person, not people who make you look better.
  6. Always remember character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you
  7. That there are parties every weekend but only one GPA to maintain
  8. To make mistakes, a lot of them, and learn from them. If not, make them again until you do.
  9. Know when to give yourself a break, have a mental breakdown, cry, a lot, then keep moving on.
  10.  That cute boys aren’t always the nicest boys and at least one will without a doubt hurt you
  11.  To fight for what you want and to know when to walk away from a situation you can’t change
  12. There is at least one teacher/adult/experienced figure in your life that you can talk to about everything – find them asap.
  13. That everyone deserves a second chance but remember: the first time is a mistake; the second time is a choice.
  14. That people change, for the best and for the worst
  15. Make peace with the past, you have your whole life ahead of you

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