The Butterfly Effect

By: Andy Gaidry 

I am nothing
Nothing but a speck in the universe
A butterfly in the wide world
Affecting nothing
But perhaps the pollen I litter
As I struggle to survive
We are all but specks
Are we not?
We are alive
We are small in this world
The world is so large
How do we impact it?
How does a butterfly
Change the world?
When we see those people
On the television
The stars
The celebrities
World changers
What are we?
We look out to the world
So large and daunting
If we were to not exist
The world
Would go on turning
Life would go on
Without us
There are other butterflies
And bees
And birds
Who will pollinate flowers
Even if we are not here
But there will always be that one flower
That one flower that will not be pollinated without us
The world is a vast interwoven web
Have you ever heard
Of the
Butterfly Effect?
“A butterfly beating its wings
In Brazil
Can cause a tornado
In Texas”
We exist
We are small
But even the smallest parts in intricate
Is needed
We are interdependent creatures
We affect everything we touch
Every smile we give to a stranger
Every kind act
Every cruel act
We affect the world around us
We can change it just by existing
We are dominos
Everything we do
Will change the course of history
We all have something to give
And although it may never be
Something so large
As inventing electricity
Or leading a revolution
Or making history
Do not think for one moment
That you are insignificant
That you do not matter
That you do not affect the world
If a single little cog
Was no longer there
The entire machine would cease to work
You are a butterfly
But that doesn’t make you
There will always be that flower
The one that you pollinated
The one that you helped to grow
The one that was your work
It was something that you did
Although it may seem so small
The world works together
A collaboration of beauty
That would be incomplete
Without your part

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