The Tennis Player

By: Anonymous

She waits for just the right moment,

Positioning her racquet just the right way.

Leaning on one foot swinging forward, “dancing”.

She looks intensely: driven and focused.

Paying attention to only what’s on the court,

Ignoring her obnoxious hair falling out of her ponytail.

She smiles very subtly as she focuses on what her coach said,

“Let her make the mistake, not you,”

Easier said than done.

Her mind wanders back to her hit, her racquet extended.

She is nervous, and knows what is at stake.

She has to win.

She feels the pressure.

But won’t let her mind take control,

The negative thoughts bouncing around

With each and every hit out or in the net.

She has to stay positive

She has to win for the team, but also for herself.

She has to be perfect.

Again, easier said than done.

She readies herself once more for a hard return. A trick shot.

The ball flies forward, hits the clay floor, and bounces up perfectly

She winds up, and makes contact,

The vibrations soaring through the racquet into her,

The familiar sound of the strings standing firm against the neon ball.

It soars flying perfectly on the court, just inside the boundary line.

A Perfect shot.

She smiles slightly as sets herself up again,

Ready for anything.

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