We are Legion

By: Teal Reynolds 

What a pleasing shape this devil has

Which has taken prominence over mine marred eyes

Temptation of an unruly kind

Littered messages across cluttered lines

DO not belittle

All that one values even if the inherit truth is forgotten

In the light do they walk

The worse of their kind

Seemingly similar

To faces like yours and mine

But behind their façade of congeal eyes and guileless reproach

Does something darker lye

Beneath the smiles they keep so wide

It is something almost inarticulate and indescribable in size

But please entertain me while I do my best to describe

This isn’t something new or invented like lies

It is something old and will inevitably bring tears to your eyes

There were once men and women who saw something unseen

And followed it under

To place where demons breathe

Darkness unfurled its cloak and wrapped them in blackness

No light guided them and soon they fell into madness

Delirious and overwhelmed

Their minds led them astray

And the demons laughed

As they took and broke their souls

As easy as a fallen twig

After they danced their dance upon their broken bodies

Licked their dreams raw

Tortured their love until it fell to ash

And made them feel all hope was lost

Did they shape them into their own image

They twisted and turned and tried resist

As their flesh lifted and was on the verge of being dismissed

But then He Who Be many names

Silenced his followers and said

“Cease Your doing, I have better plan Instead,

As I have fallen down and wings torn from my back,

He shall watch what His creation can do”

And that is their story; a fiery end

that led to their ashen birth

Among us do they live and walk in some means

in you

or me.

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