By: Sumaiyah Ali
By: Sumaiyah Ali

Breaking Silence

By: Richard Robles

There is a lot in between us,
But a thin line divides us.
Keep this between me and you,
And this unspoken love is shown.

Eager to keep it subtle, let it be quiet.
Don’t talk about it, don’t let it keep us up late.
But we talk about it, just not to each other.
So this unspoken love has grown.

We can fall in love quickly,
So don’t you blink.
If you speak;  I’ll respond
With all of my heart to win all of yours.

So don’t let this bond wither away,
Just give me another day; so I may say,
“I love you.”
Hopefully you will say the same.

This fire has burnt to its last embers,
Ready to stop giving a light.
But I will speak to you,
In order to bring the light back to us.