The Price of a Secret Meeting

By: Laura Kate Stevenson

The universe was glowing, as if the very water droplets were light fixtures. It was a personal snow globe just waiting to be shaken. The stillness of the snow draped trees, although beautiful, it was eerie. The blank slate of snow holds is breath and holds its ground as more gems are pilled up. Everything is still, no wind, and no disturbances.

At least until a single girl walked out of her home on a slight rise in the ground. Though she did disrupt the illusion of nothing being alive aside from the knowledge that there was indeed grass under the mounds of snow, she didn’t speak a word to disrupt the stillness of everything.

By the looks of her, she had just climbed out of bed and put on snow boots that were too large and a long winter coat with a faun colored fur liner that hung just over her eyes. Not to mention bizarre looking gloves that were intended for a more a purpose to keep her hands warm rather than using them for touching the snow.

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Unclear Demise

 By: Trinity Green

I took a sip of this wine
it blew my mind
it tasted so divine
I was in a trance I couldn’t feel my hands
I felt like I could dance and prance
I felt free
nobody could touch me
at least that’s what I thought
that’s what I believed
until I reached the wheel
I felt the steel
I was going fast
unnoticing all in my path
it got blurry very fast
next thing you know I crashed