The Price of a Secret Meeting

By: Laura Kate Stevenson

The universe was glowing, as if the very water droplets were light fixtures. It was a personal snow globe just waiting to be shaken. The stillness of the snow draped trees, although beautiful, it was eerie. The blank slate of snow holds is breath and holds its ground as more gems are pilled up. Everything is still, no wind, and no disturbances.

At least until a single girl walked out of her home on a slight rise in the ground. Though she did disrupt the illusion of nothing being alive aside from the knowledge that there was indeed grass under the mounds of snow, she didn’t speak a word to disrupt the stillness of everything.

By the looks of her, she had just climbed out of bed and put on snow boots that were too large and a long winter coat with a faun colored fur liner that hung just over her eyes. Not to mention bizarre looking gloves that were intended for a more a purpose to keep her hands warm rather than using them for touching the snow.

As her large snow boots marked her first steps in the snow she couldn’t help but cringe at the fact that she was ruining the perfection of the glowing night. But, she thought to herself, its not going to stop snowing for awhile, so I guess it will just be covered up again. So she continued to walk out into the little glade in the little forest her domicile was located in the midst of.

She could hear the sound of the snowflakes hitting the outside of her hood, it made her want to hold her breath to listen to it better. But when she started to run out of air she took in deep gulps of the nipping cold air. Breathing it out to feel the warm air brush against her lips before crystallizing into an invisible cloud before her.

She looked carefully where she stepped, sometimes kicking as she walked to see the powdery snow glitter in the slight light from the magnificent night. Until soon she was in the center of the wasteland She dared not to look back the way she came to disturb the perfection of untouched snow. She only looked forward, taking in burning breaths of cold, ignoring the way it slowly pinched her nose into numbness.

With her glove covered hands she tries to brush the straggling hairs from her vision, along with the thick fur of her coat. When the hair and the fur got to the point where she was ready to pull nonexistent scissors from her hood, she pushed it back, letting the glory of the soft falling snow land on her auburn hair.

She could finally feel it landing on the edge of her nose. When she looked carefully she could see it landing on the ends of her flying hairs as if they were life lines. She blew at them with a slight smile on her face that grew to a full one as she spun around with her arms embracing the falling gems.

Amazed she was at how the world glittered and glowed with no sun to make it so. Amazed she was at the stillness of it all. Only the sound of the falling snowflakes, her breathing, and her boots compacting the snow as she turned. The sound of wind nor the look of it was anywhere to be seen. Just still perfection.

She let her arms fall to her sides, making a slight squeaking nose where her sleeves met the sides of her coat. Looking around the silent everything one more time then she cups her mouth.

“Blake!?” her voice sounded like the snow globe around her were trying to keep it around her, not letting it be carried, but she hoped that it would.

A snowflake fell on her eyelash, causing her to blink it away as she brushed her gloved hands over her head in an attempt to get off at least some of the snow before she pulled back on her hood.

She bent her ears trying to listen for footsteps coming out of the forest, when she did her heart seemed to skip an excited beat, and she did her best to brush more of the hood and hair from her vision.

From the world of what seemed to be frozen death came a figure in a dark blue coat with a hood, who also looked like it rolled out of bed and made a decision to go out in the bitter cold while the night glowed.

A smile stretches across her face, she begins to make a step towards the figure but thinks slightly better about it and stays in her little patch of already messed up snow. Let Blake mess up the wonderland, she thinks.

Blake brushed back his hood, showing off his large smile that caused butterflies to hit the insides of the girl’s stomach. He picks up speed and the girl runs to meet him, forgetting the beautiful landscape around her.

They embrace, teetering back and forth in a circle, compacting snow under their boots, “I’m so happy you came Taylor,” he whispered against her hood. She pulled back just enough to look at his rosy face, and such a beautiful face it was.

“I am too,” she smiled honestly at him as he rubbed a knitted glove over her cheek, brushing off small snowflakes that were clinging to her fair skin, trying to pass for freckles. But he knew the difference, he had counted each one once upon a time, he knew the difference between the impostors and the real beauty that decorated the girl’s face. And he was captivated by it.

With a mischievous thought he tugged her and himself to the side, causing them to fall into the snow, but his laughter and her cries before they too dissolved into laughter, rang through the snow globe that offed a cold protection.

“Blake you are so unbelievable sometimes,” she stated the already known.

“Wow, I must be losing my touch, if you just now noticed that,” he teased her as he pushed himself up onto his elbow, letting his hood fall.

Her laughter puffed out of her chest as she shifted in the once perfect snow. It made Blake smile even larger. She narrowed her eyes at him, “You messed up the snow.”

“You and your snow,” he teased. She shoved his snow covered shoulder, causing a few to land on her already rosy face. Blake is quick to brush it off her forehead, before placing a kiss where it once was. Taylor smiled up at him before looking into the sky, constantly having to blink her eyes closed at the cold falling crystals. Brake chuckled at her struggles to look at the clouds that were supplying them with the snow that they laid in.

“Me and my snow were once perfect before you came along, Blake,” she said, once she gave up on trying to distract herself from his dark green eyes that constantly held mischief in them. Mischief that just loved to get her into trouble that is.

“It was never perfect until you were laying in the middle of it Tiff.” She blushed at Blake’s soft spoken words that seemed to perfectly match the stillness that still hung in the air. Taylor loved it like that.

“No matter how pretty you make your words sound, you still messed up my snow,” she contradicted.

“Must I tell you again that I didn’t mess up your snow,” he tried to put her at ease as he rested his gloved hand on her hip.

“Yes you did,” she argued as she let her arm fall by her head, causing a sort of protective casting around it. Everything about snow and snowfall all gave her it’s own feeling, but not as much of its own feeling as the one Blake always gave her.

“Would you feel better if I told you I did it intentionally?”

She was confused at his words, most would say unintentionally, but of course Blake isn’t most is he? “What do you mean?”

“You have no idea how beautiful you are surrounded by snow. I couldn’t help but throw you into the midst of it. A spark of life and color in the center of nothing but white, glowing snow, a fair trade I must say myself.”

“So the Great Troublemaker finally calls me beautiful,” she teased him, only causing his heart to warm up even more.

“I said surrounded by snow. On a beach you are nothing but a tomato,” he teased right back.

Taylor pushes his shoulder, only for him to pull her through the powdery snow closer to him. He was protecting her from the snow that was falling onto her cheeks, that and he couldn’t hold back his wish to have her closer.

“It’s not my fault that you always insist on me going with you and your family to that beach every year. I don’t even like beaches,” said Taylor.

“You and your snow.” He couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss the numbing lips of Taylor. She shouldn’t help but kiss him right back with all of the warmth that was inside her.

But even in a still snow globe, it is shaken up every once in awhile, and without warning the wind picked up, causing freezing waves to fall onto the humans in the snow.

Blake was quick to help Taylor up, “You need to head home,” he instructs over the whistling of the wind. Waves of air batted them around, causing them to try and shift their feet in the snow.

He gives her a nudge away from him, but she did her best to hold onto his jacket with her gloved hands, “Blake, your house, its’ too far!” she cried over the wind.

Blake looked the way he came; the way he will have to go in order to get home. He tried to look through the relentless snow, he could barely make out the trees. Taylor looked at the same path with worry in her eyes.

He turned back to her and held her eyes before stepping closer and pulling her hood back over her head. He cupped her face with his hands, “Don’t worry about me Tiff. I’ll be fine,” He kissed her once before pulling away and lifted his hood around his face. He doesn’t look back, he only looks the way he has to go, leaving Taylor to watch him leave.

It’s strange how such stillness leads to blistering snow that rattles the trees this way and that, giving the once almost silent night noise and life.

Dangerous noise and life.

Blake disappears into the falling snow.

Little did Taylor know, that would be her last kiss from him.

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