Public Service Announcement

By: Trinity Green

Okay America let’s get in formation
Prove to me that we can change the nation

It ain’t no secret
The system is broken
Why are you closing your eyes
It’s time to be awoken
This ain’t no joke
The truth teller
We been living over 100 thousand years on false hope
That one day things will change
People will terminate their racist ways

Now let me take you back to the orgin days
See race was invented in the 18th century to divide us

This division starts at birth Of each child
They are given a label, race
build a gap in us as a country

the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal
I know I live in the country with the motto let no man put us under
On the ground
Lost but never found

But look at us right now


My heart is aching because

We keep putting ourselves under

Not helping out the country’s where children are suffering from hunger puts us under
Not being honest with one another puts us under
Stealing from one another under puts us under
Stopping the breath coming from another’s lungs puts us under

Let me ask you a question am I your sister , aren’t you my brother?

Why are we trying to end on another ?

Don’t We all bleed the same blood

Ain’t it all the same color

I belive if we all thought this way less of us would end up dead

6 feet under
What was that saying again?
Let no man put

us under

For those of you who think America is so already united
Let me ask you this
If I fell down would you help me or would you walk over me as if I’d didn’t exist
Because of some assumption you have because of my “race ” my label
The label I was taught to be
The label I was shaped to be
Molded to be
But the label I did not ask for

Come on now we got to put a end to this
We must end hate and try love
Yes we
We means more than one
You and me working together to better a nation that is constantly putting it’s self under because
One man is great but a sea of men are unstoppable

I want to live in a place where you see me suffering and you ask me what’s wrong

a place where my voice means something

and I’m not just stuck singing the swans song

I want to live in a place
Where labels do not exist
So America my people I’m asking
No scratch that I am begging you can we all come together
Let’s us all do what is right
Especially in the court house
We need a place where
A judge will give a fair trial,
it wont matter if your black or white

So we have to shake this justice system to the core
A system that we are barelysure even exists anymore

We don’t get justice
We get judged
We’re living in 2017 still dealing with the racist grudges of the past
How on earth will America last ?

If we fall together but stand apart

We are America , one nation , one heart
Standing apart gets us no where
Standing together could move mountains I swear

We must change this drowning nation
Remember we are all equal creations
And get in formation