By: Trinity Green

Police officers  trigger fingers get to itching at the sight of my brown skin.

Following the sight of my brown skin, the officers’ assumptions of me begin and

that might be the reason my life ends.

But see he’s gonna say

See she was  walking with her hand in her pocket or see she was walking with something in her hands, what he really meant to say was  she was so black so she looked suspicious

So see to him what he did was was right which meant he emptied out the clip

And left me limp


Enjoying the site of my brown skin beginning to paint with red blood

But see to my mother the officer will say it was accident

Just the wrong place and the wrong time

You know how it goes

But see we know it ain’t even close to being right

See my brown skin will be the reason i don’t make it home tonight

My brown skin might be the reason my mother is picking out a plot at  the grave yard.

My brown skin might be the reason my mother  will receive “sorry for your loss” cards

My brown skin might be the reason I die.

My brown skin just might be the reason why

So remember if they tell you it was suicide

That’s not the reason my spirit is floating in the sky

it’s just another one of their lies

another one of their myths

its 2017 and we as a people are tired of dealing with this