By: Anonymous


From the beginning

Pictures of the two month old pudge ball of me

And pink, newborn, blue clad lump of you under your “It’s A Boy!” banner

Car seats, baby carriers, double strollers, play pens

Our eyes mirrors of wonder

Crawling, stumbling, walking, running

On swings, carousels, trees, slides

Playing, laughing, eating, crying

Frozen in time together

A fuzzy five year old memory, the first of you and me

On your cousins’ backyard playset

Childishly agreeing to marriage

A memory that still brings a flush to my cheeks

And  a smile to my lips

So many memories

School days, studying together

At the park on the seesaw

Hanging out at your house watching Cartoon Network

Hide and Seek (you were always somewhere in your mom’s room or on the dryer)

Birthday parties, eating pizza and cake, laughing

Adventures by the creek in the forest

Collecting wild walnuts

Talking about life while walking around the park

Comforting you when that idiot stapled your finger

Costume shows (that clown was SCARY)

Errands, sitting in the cart and looking at toys that we wanted to buy

Feeding your chickens

Eating nachos, your favorite, on my couch

And, one of my favorites, schoolwide family picture day

Sitting on the stairs alone I bitterly wondered

At the unfairness of going to a different school than my brother

I tried to hide the hot tears rolled down my cheeks

As I watched siblings and cousins pose and laugh


When you came over

Insisting to our teacher that I was family

And my heart


In the picture next to you, your sister, and your cousins, 

It’s as obvious that I’m not related to you

As it is that I was the happiest girl in the world.

Years passed

I switched schools

Seeing each other every day turned into

Every week

Every month

Our moms randomly bumping into each other and saying, “sometime soon!”

Birthday invites stopped coming

We grew, 

Outgrew each other, grew apart

I saw you the other day

You’re taller, stronger, more mature, as polite and kind as ever

But I know

 You’re still the same

And I hope that one day

We can just go back to being 


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