By: Anonymous

I was born in this cage, a prison of cold dark metal. My first, and all my memories have been of this cage. However, why was I born in this cage? What took me from my home? From it I can see a window, opened just a crack. Everyday I watch through this window. I see others like me but without a cage. They fly through the air carried by the wind. But I can’t fly, I can’t be carried by the wind. The cage is too small for me to fly. I want to fly carried by the wind. I want to be rid of this cage. 

This thing takes care of me. It has no feathers like mine and is much larger than me. The thing spends lots of time with me and sometimes shows me other things that look like it. It loves me, and I love it but still it keeps me in my cage. I wonder why something that loves me would keep me bound forever. Only to show me off to its friends, but when it shows me off it still doesn’t let me fly or let its friends know I can fly. I believe it is embarrassed by my ability to fly. Maybe I shouldn’t be able to fly and I should listen to the thing because I am supposed to walk. However, today I have a choice. While the thing was giving me my breakfast before it left to go wherever it disappears during the day. It left my cage door ajar in its usual hurry. I have the chance to be free from the cage. I can fly with the others like me. I can show the thing that I was always meant to fly.

Doubt fills my head. I have never been outside of my cage. Anxiety starts to set in, and I begin to panic. I have always wanted to leave this cage but now that I have the chance I can’t make the decision. Will the others like me judge me for not knowing how to fly as well as them? Will they mock me for being born in this cage, and what if flying is wrong? The thing doesn’t fly and neither do its friends. I love the thing that takes care of me, and I want it to love me, but I wonder if it will no longer love me if I leave my cage and fly? Will it try to put me back in my cage if it sees me? Will it no longer speak to me if I fly out of my cage? If I go there are many “what ifs”, but if I stay I will be forever haunted by my lack of courage. With my head filled with worry and panic about what lies beyond my cage. I fly out.

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