By: Anonymous

“Look there!” This is becoming really annoying. My brother and his very accurate predictions are driving me crazy.

“What is it now Bent?” I look towards where he’s pointing and sigh in frustration. “Bennet those are just clouds.” I emphasized each word slowly, my patience turning dangerously low.

“I know there is a storm coming, I can feel it just look there-”

“THAT’S IT!, I have a lot of homework and I don’t have time for your crazy talk, I can’t wait till mom and dad get home.” I yelled at him, I am really stressed and not in the mood to babysit right now. He turns around and walks up to his room without another word. That was easy, I can finally focus on my project. 

After about an hour, I decided to take a break. I didn’t get as much work as liked done, my mind was occupied. I felt a little guilty for my outburst at Bent, I know he misses them too. My parents went on a vacation two weeks ago, and they are coming in a week. We’ve never been apart for that long, and they trusted me to take care of myself and my eight year old brother. I head up to his room to apologize, I open the door and my eyes instantly fill with tears.

He’s lying at the end of the bed with his arms wrapped around him and his face wet from the dry tears, I go over and cover him with the blanket, feeling very guilty. On my out something catches my eye, there is a paper on Bent’s desk that’s crumpled. He never scrunches up his drawing. I open it and the gathered tears spill. There is a picture of us holding hands and smiling while walking towards the unentred forest. The forest is near our house, but nobody ever goes there.  

“Come on Bent wake up.” I jump on his bed, until he finally stirs and opens his eyes.

“We are going on an adventure!” He sits up quickly and his eyes widen at the word adventure, which makes me laugh.

“Where are we going?” He asks, his green eyes sparkling in excitement. 

“It is a surprise, now go change into something good for an adventure.” He hops off the bed to change and I go downstairs to get the food ready. I pack the cookies I baked for him, sandwiches, and some drinks. Bent has always wanted to go to the forest, but we’re not allowed. I don’t believe in superstitions, it’s a forest people not another planet. My parents forbid us from going there, now that they’re on vacation…that’s a different story. Thirty minutes later and we are standing at the gate. Bent is literally quivering with excitement. He jumps on me making me stumble a little.

“You are the best sister in the world, you know that?” I laugh and hug him back. 

“Yes I know, now are ready to enter a place where no one has dared to do ever before sir?” I ask in a deep voice making him laugh. We lock eyes, our hands find each other, and we nod signaling readiness. We walk in for a while, there is nothing out of the ordinary it’s just like a trail. The path we are walking on suddenly divides in two. 

“Right or left?” I ask Bent. He doesn’t have a chance to answer because the most bizzare thing  happens. A sudden bone-chilling breeze, that doesn’t belong in September, moves all the leaves on the ground to the left side. Then the temperature goes back to normal, warm and a little humid. Bent has a dazed look on his face, like he hasn’t processed what just happened. I am pretty sure I had the same look on my face. 

“Well I guess it’s left.” Bent says breathlessly, I am never witnessed him this speechless. We start walking on the left trail, and after a while Bent stops me when something catches his eye. 

“Blaire look! There is something there, like a piece of fabric!” He exclaims. I look over to the side, there’s something, but it’s covered in mud and water. 

“Are you sure? It could be anything because no one really comes here.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right, I was just being silly.” He looks a little disheartened and I feel bad for being the reason.

I walk closer to the thing, pick up a stick and poking it with it, “Oh my god! You were right, this is a piece of stinky underpants.” We laugh and I’m happy to see that the sparkle back in his eyes.

“We have an adventure!” He jumps.

“I guess we do, lead the way kind sir.” We walk a little more, then we decide it’s time to take a break. We sit on a fallen tree branch and eat our sandwiches. 

After we finished eating we started walking, everything was going well until…

“Uh oh, what are we going to choose now? There are three paths this time.” Bent is  looking around anticipating something to happen. The three paths were covered with soil and dust. I was about to say the middle path, but I got interrupted by a scorching breeze that burned me momentarily. I looked at Bent who also seemed to get burned due to his jumping, and yelping. We look at the three paths and gasp involuntarily. The wind has cleared the right path, and there are footsteps. 

“Oh my god, now we can really discover something, or someone. What if someone is lost? We can save them and be heroes.” He’s rambling and getting really animated. 

I laugh nervously, “I don’t think anybody needs saving, how about we start heading home now?” I ask hoping he would agree, this place is really starting to freak me out.

“Are you scared? Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” He looks at me with his big, green eyes. He is so adorable, but now I’m embarrassed.

“No no, don’t worry about me.” He looks at me pleading with his eyes,”Fine, we’ll keep going, but not for much longer.” I sigh in defeat. 

After hiking for ten minutes, we come to a halt when we see the three directions the forest divided itself into. It wasn’t defined paths like before, it was sections. The right section had some natural brightness, but the left was darker. We decide to keep walking straight, it wasn’t as bright as the right section, but it wasn’t that dark either. It isn’t after a while some time that I realize how deep we are in the forest. The trees are more compressed, the ground is full of bushes and sticks, and it’s more damp and moist than it was before. That’s when I start having a mini panic attack. Where did we come from? What if we’re lost? Who is going to save us when there’s no cell service and no one knows where we are?  

“Hey, hey calm down, it’s all going to be okay.” Bent reassures me and intertwines our hands. I look down at him in wonder, and gratefulness. I have been granted the best little brother on Earth. Just when we’re about to turn around, we hear something ahead and rush towards it. As we get closer I hear the unmistakable downpour of rain. Of course that’s not possible because there’s not a speck of water coming down. All thoughts and words disappear from me when we emerge into a clearing. I gasp and stagger backwards, my heartbeat accelerates, and my eyes widen in fear and awe. The clearing is huge and treeless, but that’s not what renderd my brother speechless and pale. On the left half of the open space there was heavy rainstorm full of lightning and wind, but the right side was very sunny, like a perfect spring day. I could even hear the birds chirping. We watched in silence for what seemed like hours, and a second at the same time. I was ready to flee back home, and I wanted to watch this amazing creation of nature forever. 

“Let’s go see the sunny side.” I pull Bennet by his arm, he still seems in a daze. I step on the sunny side hesitantly, thinking any moment this would disappear. When I’m sure that it’s solid ground I start walking faster. In the middle of the grassy land there’s a cottage, outside there’s a table for two and a clothes line with clothes in it. We watch in silence as the door opens and a woman walks out , something about her figure seems oddly familiar. We are not hidden by anything, if she turns just a little she might spot us. 

“Come on honey, I am hungry.” When I hear her voice, my eyes widen, I look at Bent to make sure I am not imagining what I heard but he looks just as shocked. 

“Is that…” He starts.

“Yeah, yeah I think it is.” 

Then dad comes out holding a plate, but it crashes on the ground once he spots us. 

“Ethan! What are we eat-” Mom trails off once she follows dad’s gaze. 

We rush towards them. 

The first thing that comes out of my mouth is, “Mom, dad what are you doing here?!!” I say loudly. I am not mad, just very shocked. They exchange guilty looks with each other. My dad opens his mouth but then closes it again. Mom recovers faster.

“What are you doing here? I thought you knew this place is off-limits.” Now me and Bent exchange guilty looks. We smile sheepishly and say the stupidest thing someone can say after getting caught doing something wrong. 


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