With All Due Respect

With All Due Respect
By: Anonymous

White, dark, fat, thin,

we all have human skin.

Bones, blood, limbs, hearts,

we all have human parts.

But enough with this vague chatter;

we must discuss a more serious matter.

“Charity,” you say. Then why

did you leave a transgender girl to die?

“Health for all,” you say. But then,

why refuse to take blood from a queer friend?

You spill our blood for expressing ourselves,

say we’re “unhealthy” and “going to Hell.”

You say that you can “fix” our “choice;”

No! Don’t! Just give us a voice!

Just give us a smile, show us to your kids,

teach them that our feelings aren’t a sin.

You do none of these things, and expect the best, but no, I hate you, “with all due respect.”

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