You Write Me Fairytales

By: Riley Evans

You were my “Once upon a time,”
My faraway land,
My “Happily ever after.”

You kissed me like a storybook,
And bled ink onto my pages.
I savored the soft  curves of your poetry on my skin,
Though you were unaware you were writing it.

You kissed me sleepless,
You sought me out to return my glass heart,
And when it shattered into a thousand pieces
you helped me glue it back together.

Darling, the way you talk is like soaring over deserts,
Your breath is as fine as the princesses sing,
And the way you walk, with purpose, like you have to go the distance.

You. . .
You wrote fairytales on my skin
When I needed them most.
You showed me the reality of fables with your existence
When I had long stopped believing in them.

Unclear Demise

 By: Trinity Green

I took a sip of this wine
it blew my mind
it tasted so divine
I was in a trance I couldn’t feel my hands
I felt like I could dance and prance
I felt free
nobody could touch me
at least that’s what I thought
that’s what I believed
until I reached the wheel
I felt the steel
I was going fast
unnoticing all in my path
it got blurry very fast
next thing you know I crashed